Seth Yates

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#MyWifeThe #Sunset hiker. Quite the view of Santiago, #Chile this evening! (at Cumbre Cerro Manquehue)
Settling back in to #SouthAmerica, but it’s impossible to forget the incredible time shared with #friends in #Jordan. Hopefully I’ll get to look over our Bedouin camp in the #desert once more! (at Wadi Rum)
After riding for hours in the back of a truck in the desert, we reached our destination in Wadi Rum. The hospitality from the people of #Jordan is second to none!
Another one from the #DeadSea. Floating during sunset has been one of the highlights of the trip so far! (at Dead Sea, Jordan)
Perspective from a 20ft yacht gainer. #UnderBeard (at Aquaba)
Camel kisses for breakfast from my new girlfriend… #SorryWife (at Wadi Rum)
Trying to show scale at #Petra, this place is huge! (at Al Siq السّيق)
Our pad last night: Bedouin Tents in the #Mountains (at Ramman Camp)
My first time in a slot canyon… Gonna be hard to top. (at Dana / ضانا)
Maybe one day we can climb the mountains on the moon. #TeleAssisted #StillTakenWithPhone (at Dane Desert, Jordan)